The iJugaad Think-and-Do Tank

Who We Are

When a bunch of creative and technical enthusiasts with relentless passion for bettering the way people do business get together, extraordinary things are bound to happen. And that is exactly how iJugaad was born.

What started as a blog offering constructive tips, guides and the occasional fun post has branched out into a full-fledged XaaS entity currently aiming to help users create and launch a website of their own, on their own.

Dot Your i's and Cross Your T's

The iJugaad logo is a union between the letters 'i' and 'J', forming a bigger, more complete unit. It is intended to evoke the essence of the idiom 'Dot your 'i's and cross you 't's'.

The dot of the 'i' is what essentially bridges the two letters together, making it whole. Likewise, our aim is to bridge the gap between businesses and existing technology through innovative solutions and practices.